About the Author

Suzka is a painter and a writer. Her work evokes a vibrant magical world that exists just a step outside reality. In her quirky, heart-warming debut, Suzka takes her readers on an exhilarating journey into the world of dementialand. Suzka’s novel is a thoughtful exploration, a testament to the author’s unique insight into her personal visit to Dementialand.

Chicago born, Suzka studied at the Chicago Academy of Art and received a degree from Northern Illinois University. In Chicago Suzka was involved in theater, both directing and producing; a performer of Mime for the city of Chicago, and a student of ‘improv’ from Chicago’s Second City Company. As a published cartoonist, Suzka moved to California in 1986 to write/create her second book but fell in love with paint instead. She never returned to Chicago and never returned to the small boxes of her cartoon characters.

As a painter, Suzka has exhibited her work in numerous one-woman shows. Her huge installations have been exhibited at Chicago‘s Navy Pier and throughout the Monterey Peninsula and has a dedicated following of collectors throughout the country. Suzka, is the stage set designer and painter for the Monterey Jazz Festival since 1996 and has delighted the Monterey jazz audiences with her powerful architectural aesthetic for over two decades.


– Days turned on us and went in and out of their time. All the clocks threw their hands in the air in war-weariness and deserted their posts. The mornings played with the evenings, afternoon showed up for breakfast and the sun worked for the moon at night, Our past surrendered to the moment; a past that didn’t stand a chance of remembering itself in an environment so filled with living fully in every minute. The future, the virtue of hope was nonexistent – ’now’ was all holy.

– Quote from Wonders in Dementialand