Wonders in Dementialand

The Happiest Place You’ll Forget

Violet is an independent, church-going, Godly-catholic matriarch living in Chicago; her daughter Suzka, an artist, a painter lives in a converted warehouse in California. Suzka would have been the last person you would think to be a caregiver. However, when her mother Violet was diagnosed with dementia, Suzka has no choice but to leave her life and move in with her mother.

Wonders In Dementialand is a thoughtful exploration of profound impact, a testament to the author’s unique and personal insight. In this quirky, heart-warming story, Suzka juxtaposes the seriousness of dementia with the hilarity of life’s unpredictability in a respectful and endearing recitation of their experiences. The chapters alternate between the past and the present, between dementia’s delusions and the artist’s creative imagination. The two primary characters, Violet and Suzka become part owners of each other, engaged in growing out of themselves. A sensation of something noiselessly exploding inside, create their separate illusions.

Wonders In Dementialand is exquisitely written. The lyrical language is the confetti thrown liberally throughout this story, adding paint and color to their story. Readers will laugh and cry and see all the color in this astounding debut.